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Rockers Online

This page looks into how musicians are using the internet to contact their fans. I'm looking at all their web pages, mailing lists, newsgroups, FTP sites, IRC and other chats, e-mail addresses, etc. Complete listings of everything I find for each band are available. I also try to list what's on each site to help people find what they're looking for, plus information on how to sign up for the mailing lists. Thanks to this web site I finished my MS in "Interactive and New Communication Technologies".

Local Rock

The web page for the radio show I used to do on 90.1 FM WUSB, Stony Brook, NY, the SUNY Stonybrook radio station! I've decided to bring it back on the WWW. Unsigned bands from all over are welcome here. BTW, to keep the interface here consistant, I'm not using the frames version of the page. If anyone really wants it back, let me know (it'll probably get frames again once it moves to the Rockers Online site anyway).

Sharan's John Wetton Page

A web page for my favorite singer. For those who don't recognize the name, he's probably best known as the former lead singer of the band Asia. I finally got to see him in May of 1997 (and met him!), and I got some great photographs, which are scanned in and available on this page. (Note: This is the show released as the Hazy Monet Live in New York City CD.) He played the Bottom Line again, but I haven't scanned those pictures in yet. 

Sharan's Symphony X Page

I actually got to see them in their first US appearance in NYC and got pictures. Unfortunately the place I took the film to only developed the pictures of me with the band (I guess they thought the rest were too dark) :(. For now, here are those pictures at least!

Night Ranger Set List

Ever since that John Wetton concert, I realized that I could start bringing my camera to other concerts, too! This is one of the bands I saw and got pictures of. The page itself isn't up, since I haven't scanned in the pictures yet, but I did upload a scan of the setlist from that concert, autographed by Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson. Sorry it's taken so long to get it up here, but the past year or two have been crazy, and now that things are settling down I've got a lot to catch up on!

Coming one of these days...

I also have pictures of Zebra, Loverboy, and Slaughter so I'll be putting together web pages for them. I also have old Joan Jett pictures and autographs from when I met her over 10 years ago, so I'll be scanning those in too. Some of the pictures got left in NY when I moved, so those will take longer to get up:).

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