Believe it or not, the best place for these things is still the Science Fiction Round Table on Genie. (Or it was. I finally cancelled my account a few months ago since I just don't have the time for it.) IDT is supposedly in the process of moving Genie onto the net (http://genie.idt.net, although there isn't much there yet since everyone's sticking to the old Genie), so who knows how things will be in the future. Meanwhile, many SFRT refugees on the web are converging in 2 places: Dueling Modems, which is pretty much the official SFRT on the net, and also offers discussion and web areas on a variety of other topics, and SFF-NET, another good SF hangout run by ex-SFRT people.

There's a lot of great SF stuff on the net, and you can find a lot of them just by following the links above (which lead to pages with more links, which lead to...I think you get the idea:) ).

There are also tons of writing related resources online. I'm a member of the Horror Writers Association and I plan to join the Science Fiction Writers of America eventually.

Here are some web sites for good writing related newsletters:

Gila Queen's Guide To Markets
Market listings of all types! There's a SF issue every year (although it's grown to the point where she's splitting into two or more issues).
This one focuses more on articles on writing (although I still haven't gotten around to subscribing, so I haven't seen it recently).

I should also mention that I'm still finishing my other masters in Publishing from Pace University. (All I have to do is the thesis.) I used to work in editing (see my resume) before I decided to switch to multimedia/web production.

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