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Sharan Volin
San Diego, CA
e-mail: sharan at

Computer Skills

Languages and APIs:

C++ C Scaleform Actionscript (2/3) DirectX
OpenGL MFC Java Lua Torquescript
Visual Basic F-Mod XACT WWise UML
XML Facebook API Assembly Language Objective C


Visual Studio Visual Sourcesafe Director Photoshop Flash
Pro Tools Logic Pro Soundforge Homesite FrontPage
Teamsite Perforce SVN Maya


Frostbite 2
Torque (TGE, TGEA, TGB)
XNA Game Studio Express


PC (DOS, Windows (3.X/95/98)) Macintosh Atari ST Unix
Vax IBM Mainframe Internet Bitnet Usenet

Published Game Titles

Landmark Everquest Next Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Medal of Honor Warfighter Shrek the Third (Windows PC) Star Wars Galaxies: Complete Online Adventures (Bonus DVD)
Mavis Beacon Schools Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz Flash AS3 version demo of Mevo and the Grooveriders
Rewrote Vine Swing game on Ty Beanie Babies site Various other flash games on Ty Beanie Babies and Ty Girlz sites Worked on Flash game for Hallmark Rainbow Brite.
RepoMen Cometh National Geographic DogTown Karma Kingdom

Work Experience

Programmer II (UI) - Sony Online Entertainment (November 2013-April 2015)
  • UI Programming in Actionscript/Scaleform, Lua, and XML on the Landmark/Everquest Next team.
  • C++ programming and creation of a simple datasource for an update to the Teleport UI in Landmark
  • Fixing bugs in Actionscript, Lua, XML, and C++ and redirecting bugs that weren’t in my area to the appropriate people.
  • Working with designers, artists, programmers, producers, and QA to make the best UI possible.
UI Engineer - Marquee Productions (April 2013-July 2013)
  • UI Programming in Actionscript/Scaleform, Unrealscript, and some C++ in the Unreal Engine.
  • Converting existing AS2 2 widgets to AS, and building AS3 library for FlashDevelop utilizing Scaleform CLIK Controls.
  • Building Unrealscript classes to handle interaction with the Scaleform widgets.
UI Scripter - Electronic Arts (Danger Close Games) (March 2012-January 2013)
  • Actionscript 2 Scaleform programming for Medal of Honor Warfighter
  • C++ and Actionscript 2 Scaleform programming for Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Game Developer - Asvathaa (February 2011-March 2012)
  • AS3 (Flash Develop) and PHP programming on Karma Kingdom Facebook game
  • Built systems using Facebook API for handling all requests and wall posts
Part Time Faculty – The Art Institute of California (Santa Monica) (July 2010-June 2011)
  • Taught Fundamentals of Programming (C++) in Game Programming degree
  • Taught Artificial Intelligence and Physics, Winter 2011
  • Taught Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2011
Part Time Faculty – The Art Institute of California (Inland Empire) (April 2011-June 2011)
  • Taught Fundamentals of Authoring (Actionscript) and User Interface Design 2
Game Programmer (Contract) - Collision Studios (December 2009-February 2011)
  • Actionscript 2 Flash Game programming on National Geographic DogTown game (PC download and web demo version) - Took existing game, cleaned it up, fixed the bugs, and got it ready to ship
  • C++ and Lua game programming on game update (Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz) using the Playground SDK - Updated to the latest version of the SDK, fixed bugs related to the update, and made UI updates
  • C++/Lua programming/bug fixes using the Playground SDK on Mavis Beacon Schools
Comtract Game Developer (June 2009-February 2011)
  • Clients include: Animax Entertainment, Popkiller Games, Zack Ford
  • Flash Actionscript 3 programming/bug fixes on unreleased Facebook game.
  • PHP programming for Facebook Neighbor Invites, Gifts
  • C++ programming/bug fixes on educational title (in development).
  • Actionscript 3 Flash and Back-end Java Game programming on virtual world site.
Comtract Game Developer - Zero G Games (June 2009-July 2010)
  • Actionscript Flash/Flex programming on RepoMen Cometh, Facebook demo game, and various projects.
  • PHP programming to inferface with Flash.
Game Developer - Animax Entertainment (November 2008-June 2009)
  • Actionscript 3 Flash Game programming
  • Debugging and updating existing Actionscript games and virtual world sites.
Game Developer - Zero G Games (July 2008-October 2008)
  • Actionscript 3 Flash Game programming on Flash demo of "Mevo and the Grooveriders" - Built audio engine, level loading, layout and design, gameplay, asset loading and management, etc.
  • Actionscript 3 Flash/Flex programming on various other projects.
HTML/DHTML Developer - NBC Universal (November 2007-April 2008)
  • HTML/XHTML programming for Universal Studios Hollywood website
  • DHTML/Javascript programming
  • Image creation and manipulation in Photoshop and ImageReady
Game Programmer - Infinite Monkey Factory (August 2006 - November 2007)
  • Flash/Actionscript programming for Star Wars Galaxies: Complete Online Adventures bonus DVD-ROM
  • Worked on PC port of game for Shrek the Third, released in May '07:
    • Integrated FMOD C++ code for audio
    • Work on Save/load functionality for game and options saving in C++
    • UI programming work in C++ and Lua
  • Java programming for online 3d game (cenceled)
Flash/Java Game Programmer - ISI (February 2006 - August 2007)
  • Flash/Actionscript programming for educational games to teach math to K-12 students
  • Server-side Java programming for those educational games
  • Extensively expanded Java testing code to assist in debugging
  • Coordinated communication between Flash and back-end
  • Maintenance and updating of MySQL Database
  • PHP/MYSQL programming to make web pages easier to maintain
HTML/DHTML Developer - NBC Universal (July 2005-February, 2006)
Web Developer, Team One Advertising (June 2001-June 2005)
  • Creating HTML and ASP pages using Homesite, Editpad, and Visual Interdev.
  • Javascript, DHTML, and ASP programming.
  • Cleaning up existing HTML pages.
  • Working with Visual Sourcesafe and Teamsite
Webmaster, Rockers Online (Aug. ‘97-Present)
  • Created and designed site, determining its functionality and user interface.
  • Doing all site programming in PHP
  • Maintaining and updating site in FrontPage 2000 and Cold Fusion studio.
  • Creating, designing, and hosting various other sites.
Senior HTML Programmer, (Aug. 1999-Apr. 2001)
San Francisco office Aug. 2000-Apr. 2001
  • Hand-coding pages and dynamic templates in Homesite w/ ASP, Javascript, CSS, DHTML, Java applets.
  • HTML lead on integration with former site, managing all HTML related aspects of the project
  • Troubleshooting/fixing HTML and image-related browser and server issues.
  • Providing support and problem solving assistance to other HTMLers in both L.A. and S.F offices.
  • Managing HTML/image files in Visual SourceSafe/Clear Case and on IIS/Netscape Application Servers.
  • Graphics work in Photoshop and ImageReady when necessary.
  • Working with project managers, QA, and Java developers to determine what issues are HTML and what require changes in the server-side Java code.
  • Created ASP functions to output DoubleClick ads when passed the required parameters.
Los Angeles office, Aug. 1999-Aug 2000
  • Hand-coded HTML pages and templates in Cold Fusion Studio making extensive use of complex nested tables, Javascript, Flash, CSS, DHTML.
  • Created Flash template to prevent the browser from asking to install the plugin.
  • Did troubleshooting and fixed HTML and image related browser and server issues.
  • Pushed files to various test servers and the live site.
  • HTML lead on - managed all HTML aspects of the original launch and used extensive DHTML to satisfy Bloomingdale’s requirements.
  • Served as primary support for junior HTML Programmers.
Freelance Writer, (Sept. 98-June 99)
Wrote music reviews and articles.
Integrator/Developer, The Bank of New York (Apr. 98-Jun. 99)
Designed/produced a prototype corporate training web site w/ Javascript functions for online quizzes, graphic design/production & animation, HTML help authoring, general PC troubleshooting, desktop publishing, Windows help file production, etc.
Freelance Integrator, Doubleclick (Apr. 98)
Produced HTML and basic web graphics
Communication Computer Lab, Florida State University (Aug.-Dec. 96)
Lab Manager -- Management, Lab Scheduling, Installation, Technical Support
PPSI Software (Nov. 95-Aug. 96)
Technical Writer/Web Page Developer
Various Editorial Positions (8/92-8/96)
Science Fiction Chronicle
Editorial Assistant (Part Time) -- General Assistance
Thomas Publishing (Thomas Register of American Manufacturers)
Assistant Editor -- Editing, Proofreading, Data Entry (started as temp, hired full time)
SEC Online
Copy Marker -- Reformatting and Tagging Electronic Documents
American Institute of Physics
Freelance Copy Editor -- Copy Editing, Copy Marking; Production Editor Trainee -- Copy Editing, Copy Marking, Other Assistance
Creem Magazine
Editorial Assistant (Intern) -- Editing, Proofreading, Writing, Fact Checking

URLs RepoMen Cometh game for Repo Men movie. Flash/Actionscript 3 programming to enhance and extend existing engine. National Geographic DogTown game. Flash/Actionscript 2 programming on downloadable game (Zinc) and flash demo version.. Worked on updating UI, debugging virtual world and games. Worked on debugging virtual world and games. Rebuilt Vine Swing game from early source code Worked on Flash demo of "Mevo and the Grooveriders" - Built audio engine, level loading, layout and design, gameplay, asset loading and management, etc. Worked on Flash Actionscript and server-side Java back-end programming for both AnimalWatch and Wayang Outpost games to teach math to K-12 students. Built initial templates, HTML, and majority of pages for recent redesign (and the one before that) Built initial templates, HTML, and majority of pages for recent redesign Worked on various areas, particularly the showroom section.  Put together Volume 5 based on the same style as previous editions.  Personal site. Includes various sub-pages  Page on how musicians are using the Internet to contact their fans.  Includes over 200 artists. Final project for M.S. in Communication. Redesigned entire site to use ASP/Access database.  Small page for book on "How to Become a Spare Time Travel Agent"  Created pages listing international companies they sell advertising for.  Wrote music reviews and articles  Wrote online catalog HTML Programmer: worked on articles, Fashion, Shopping Registry, and other pages, did HTML for store and Go top navbars.. HTML Lead. Created HTML pages and dynamic templates, DHTML (Top Navbar, Shopping page, right aligning background image), adding Flash. Worked with Bloomingdale's designer to create and maintain site standards, etc.

Education And Honors

B.S. in Computer Science, University of Southern California (Graduated May '09)
Dean's List (4.0 GPA), Fall '04), Fall '06, Spring '07
Certificate in Applications Programming program, UCLA Extension (Graduated Dec. '02)
Classes in C, C++, Visual Basic, UML, Java, Windows Programming, Windows 2000 Server, Relational 
Database Management, Client Server Computing and Software Project Management classes (Intro to C/C++) (Spring '02)
Completed Official Macromedia training: Fast Track to Flash and Actionscript (full week) (Jan. '02)
M.S. in Communication, emphasis in "Interactive and New Communication Technologies" from Florida State University (Graduated December, 1997)
M.S. in Publishing Program, Pace University (completed except for thesis) (94-96)
B.A. - Liberal Studies (English, Media Arts and Philosophy), SUNY Stonybrook (Graduated December, 91)
Former Member of Mensa
Regents Diploma with Honors, Plainview-Old Bethpage High School, Plainview, N.Y. (Graduated June, 87)

Other Experience

WUSB 90.1 FM Stonybrook, NY (88-92)
Disc Jockey; Engineer; Interviewer/Story Reader for Destinies; Producer/Engineer/Host/Founder of Local Rock (Sent in World Bang, winner of Snickers New Music Search)
Online chat moderator - Genie Science Fiction Round Table 1
Sold story "A Late Night Snack" to the Dark Rapture anthology from Dark Raptor Press.
Associate member, Horror Writers Association
Member, Los Angeles Music Network
Member, Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society
Member, Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
Member, International Game Developers Association
Member, Game Audio Network Guild
Newsflashes (Martin Van Buren High School ESL Newspaper) (Fall/Winter, 1991/92)
Technical Advisor (Desktop Publishing)
Editor of NYPIRG Newsletter, SUNY Stonybrook (Spring, 1989)
Science Fiction Forum, SUNY Stonybrook (Spring, 1989 - Present)

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