Sorry for neglecting this page but as you can tell I haven't been doing too much updating here:(. There's been a lot going on lately, but the short version is I'm still working for, but as of 3 weeks ago I moved up to Berkeley and I'm working in the San Francisco office (formerly until we merged with them). The move itself was an adventure, with my car dying in the middle of nowhere 150 miles North of Los Angeles, and a lot of other weird stuff going on. Looking for a good example of the type of things I've been working on? Check out  That was the last big project I worked on in the L.A. office.
Well, if you were wondering why I disappeared for the past couple of months, I found a job!  For the past couple of months I've been working as an HTML programmer for Now that I'm working I'm trying to catch up on things, but I let things go for a long time, so it's going to be a while before I'm totally caught up.
I'm still not working, but I'm still getting interviews so something should come up soon! Meanwhile I'm trying to catch up on e-mail and reading for my class, and working on a redesign of this web page. Hopefully after this I can get back to work on Rockers Online!

In other news, I rescued an adorable little 3 month old tabby kitten last weekend!  Unfortunately, my roommate's cats are old and sick (and one has heart problems:() so we couldn't let her in the house, but the people at the Westchester Cat Adoption Faire (who do adoptions sundays at the Westchester, CA Petco) were nice enough to take her in and take care of her!
Well, I left The Bank of New York about 2 weeks move to Los Angeles! I'm living with someone I met on the Webgrrls L.A. mailing list and her 2 cats, and trying to catch up on things like e-mail and my web page while getting swamped with calls and e-mails about jobs:).  I also bought a car, passed the written test for my CA drivers license, drove to San Diego and back twice, unpacked 30+ boxes, shopped, etc...... So, as you can see, I've been very busy.
I'm still at The Bank of New York, and still a temp, although things should probably be straightened out within the next 3-4 weeks.  Meanwhile, they want to extend my temp contract until the end of the year, just to be sure.
I was at Bucconeer and Powermad in the past month, so things have been busy.  Tomorrow night I'm going to see Symphony X's first U.S. appearance in New York City.  My next science fiction convention should be Not Just Another Con in Amherst, MA, Sept. 18-20.
In other big news, it looks like Musicians Online will be getting a new name and a new location at!  It's not there yet, but I hope to work on it this weekend and get an updated version of the site up.
I've been working as a temp for The Bank of New York. The job is probably going to go permanent at the end of August, so look for more news then! I'm also looking for an apartment in NYC if this does come through, so if you know of one within a short commute of the World Trade Center area, preferably under $800 a month, let me know!

Next week I'll be at Bucconeer, the Worldcon in Baltimore.

This past March I sold my first story, "A Late Night Snack" to an anthology of short shorts coming out around the end of this year from Dark Raptor Press. I found out recently that the anthology will be called Dark Rapture.