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Here is the place to see pictures and stories about my hamsters, past and present, and hamsters in general!

CHEEBLE! is the cry of the enraged bull hamster. The term came into use on Genie when the unusual phenomena of Hamster Fandom started in Esther Friesner's topic. The term was invented by her son, Mike. Since then there have been 4 hamster coventions: Cheeblecon , Cheeblecon 1 1/2, Cheeblecon 2, and Cheeblecon West, all taking place at science fiction conventions. Hamster art and other paraphenalia has been showing up at cons ever since. And Cheeble fandom reached it's moment of glory at Lunacon in Rye, NY a couple of years ago, when Esther was co-guest of honor, and Queen of Hamsters, with Terry Pratchett. Her GOH speech was originally called "I'm really, really sorry", but was changed to "What IS IT with you people?" after seeing the response of Cheeble fans.:)

(New!)For more information, check out the web site of the Queen of Hamsters herself, Esther Friesner. Also, see the complete history of Hamster Fandom on her Frequently Asked Questions.

And now that you got this far, here is a picture of the original Airhead, once a real life hamster (and one of the best, at that), now reincarnated as my character on FurryMUCK:
Picture of Airhead

I also finally managed to get a picture of my latest hamster that wasn't either blurry or too small to see, so I'll be scanning that one in one of these days (Well, one of these months, anyway)!

Or you can meet Airhead (actually me) on FurryMUCK!

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