Previous Updates


I decided that since this site is getting so big, and there's no way of knowing when things are updated, I would add this page and update it whenever I work on any of the pages on this site.

(10/02/99) Updated News and Resume pages, converted the rest of the site to the new interface.

(7/31/99) Did some tweaking of the new user interface, which is now applied to the About and Multimedia sections.

(7/28/99) Started work on a major redesign of most of this site. So far the only pages converted to the new format are the multimedia pages and the update page.

(7/27/99) Updated resume.

(7/11/99) I finally did some badly needed updates to my news and FAQ pages.

(5/23/99) Added new Shockwave game: Shockwave War: a card game.

(5/2/99) Today I got a few things scanned in.  I added a picture of me with Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 to my Pictures Page. I replaced the opening picture on my John Wetton page with the autographed verion. Also added a brand new Symphony X page with pictures of me with the band from their only U.S. appearance in NYC.

(3/28/99)  Updated resume.

(1/9/99) Updated graphics on this page with ImageReady and Photoshop and added Javascript rollovers.  Updated resume.

(11/1/98) Uploaded an updated version of my Interactive Resume.

(10/12/98) From now on, the latest news will be posted on the main page, and the rest moved to the updates page. I will also be moving Rockers Online updates over to that site instead of here. I've done some major updates to my Frequently Asked Questions page.

(9/17/98) Well, it's finally up!  Rockers Online can now be found at It still needs work, and I know I still have e-mails from people to respond to, but I fixed most of the bad links I could find, and fixed up the page a lot.  There's a lot more in store for the page, so check it out!  I also fixed some links from here.

(8/28/98) Finally got the Frequently Asked Questions Page up for real and fixed the about page link (although I wrote it a month ago so it could probably use some updating already).  Updated the news page.

(8/27/98) It took me this long to notice the FAQ page somehow didn't make it here:(.   Sorry about that!  I'll try to get it up for real tomorrow.  In other news, things are in the works for a new name and Domain Name for Musicians Online, but and I hope to have a major update to the site for the big move!  So keep checking back here for info on the move.

(8/03/98) Added Frequently Asked Questions page. Fixed a couple of links on the Local Rock complete listing and the Anomaly link on Musicians Online. Added a counter to this page.

(7/31/98) Updated the Local Rock page and added frames and a new features: search by area of the country.

(7/30/98) Updated the main Music Page. Also added an Author Links page to my SF, Fantasy, Horror, and writing page. (I've been learning FrontPage 97 for work, so I played around a lot with things like bookmarks and frames on this page.)

(7/29/98) Changed About page (added a new News page).  Also updated the SF&F and Horror/writing page.   Decided to rename this page to What's New.  Also did a major update on my John Wetton page. I fixed both the main page and the picture page up so they look nicer, and cut out a lot of my rambling on the main page so people can find the pictures:). Also updated one of the Musicians Online pages (Midge Ure)

(7/7/98) Fixed a lot of links, especially on Musicians Online.  Added a band to Local Rock and fixed the link to the Six and Violence page.  Added this page.  Updated my Resume.   Added a new link to the stories of George the Hamster to my hamster page.